27 Dec 2018
Cairo, Egypt
Communication for sustainability

Having developed a special interest in the environment since a young age, Noura Abdou was set upon working in the field. She studied chemical engineering at university and followed it by higher education in environmental engineering, especially in industrial emissions. Along the way she worked more on scientific research having been intrigued by global warming and its grave impacts on water resources, land plots, tourism and more.

“Humanity witnessed cities disappear and food resources dwindle forcing us to adapt while we don’t have enough data and scientific research to cover it,” Abdou says also attributing our ignorance of such matters to the media.

“Climate stories are not easy to report and journalists need some scientific background to convey them to people on the street,” she adds. Abdou explains that there is no practical application of scientific practices so people never really know the real consequences.

“The government already has a plan for 2030 on the sustainable development goals (SDGs), which can affect all resources and the economy,” Abdou notes highlighting the developed countries’ action to enact certain laws that help eliminate or at least diminish the effect of climate change.

The young entrepreneur is full of ideas connecting all institutions to enforce a solid plan to counteract certain impacts prompted her to start her own initiative Mona5na (our climate, in Arabic). Her idea is to bring people together and it was inspired by a short story she wrote on Alexandria. “I’ve always had this nightmare about Alexandria sinking with only a few rocks surviving the ordeal,” she shares. “This pushed me towards starting my own initiative.”

Abdou’s desire to instigate change in her community developed her vision that the entire Arab world should be aware of climate change and its footprint. “We need proper documentation of any scientific research and legislation. We also lack environmental solutions and consultancy for the right decision-making in our Arab countries,” she adds.

Abdou’s main goal is building a research network of environmentalists, media people and legislators and linking it to international organizations. Another goal is raising environmental awareness which can be achieved through environmental writing and blogging. Her target audience varies from researchers, NGO workers and craft-makers to industrialists and housewives.


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