20 Nov 2018
Tel Aviv, Israel
Sustainable Textiles and Clothing

Don’t let the name “Baby Koala” fool you — Dganit Maka, founder of the eco-friendly diaper business, plans to revolutionize infant underwear from Tel Aviv rather than the Australian gum trees called home by the cuddly marsupial. Maka has designed a line of reusable cloth diapers that reduce waste created by disposable plastic versions, while also preventing common skin rashes. Baby Koala already has a strong market presence in stores and online, but Maka aims to spread her green diaper range as far abroad as possible.

Baby Koala was conceived when Maka’s eldest daughter, Avigale, started kindergarten four years ago. Along with her husband, she looked for a cloth diaper that would be reliable and capable of “doing the work,” but also beautifully designed. They came across many options, but none of them suited their high standards. Undeterred, they decided to sew their first cloth diaper.

Great feedback and compliments flooded in about the couple’s test diapers, which added to the rewarding sensation of creating their own product. These positive experiences encouraged them to take the next step and create their own brand of cloth diapers, Baby Koala.

The diapers are handmade in Israel and make a fashion statement with cool and colorful patterns. They are comfortable, being made from breathable fibers, Velcro closures and waterproof banding around the waist and legs. Most importantly, Baby Koala diapers are easy to use, clean and re-use — making them a healthy, affordable and environmental way to raise babies.

According to Maka, disposable diapers account for about 6 percent of total waste in Israel, with that figure rising to 10 percent of Jerusalem’s municipal rubbish. On average, each baby goes through more than a ton of disposable diapers during his or her lifetime — leaving behind a mountain of junk! Disposable products also contain substances that cause skin rashes, which leads parents to protect the baby’s skin from the diaper with fattening cream.

Baby Koala diapers are made from cloth rather than harmful plastic, Maka continues, eliminating the need to use anti-rash cream. The eco-friendly diapers slash the environmental footprint of babies; we generally recommend that each infant needs only 24 of Baby Koala’s reusable cloth diapers. Moreover, purchasers can keep Baby Koala diapers for many years, handing them down from child to child.

Maka credits the SwitchMed training program with helping Baby Koala in a number of ways. Baby Koala was assigned a mentor, who helped and guided the couple’s business. SwitchMed also assisted in building strong business and financial plans. “This support has helped us reach the goals that we set for ourselves,” said Maka, “which makes us very grateful.”


Learn more about Baby Koala through their website, Instagram and YouTube.

Photos courtesy of Baby Koala, SwitchMed (SCPRAC) & Bernat Mestres (White Horse).

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