09 Jan 2022
Barcelona, Spain
Communication for sustainability

Eight years ago, a chance conversation led to the creation of Meet&Map, an energetic organisation aimed supporting European social projects — including circular economy initiatives. In that informal chat, Meet&Map founder Claudia Dakhil learned from her mentor, Daniel Weiss, that plenty of EU funding existed for female-led enterprises. The problem, however, was that females were submitting barely any project proposals.

The discussion triggered a lightbulb moment for Dakhil and Weiss. Along with colleague Lucine Ellarian, they founded Meet&Map in 2014 to ensure that talented, enthusiastic social entrepreneurs would no longer miss out on such promising opportunities. Since then, Meet&Map has supported ambitious, female-led social enterprises, while also forming broad links between relevant stakeholders. “Meet&Map is a platform [that fosters] cooperation between all sectors: public, private, and social,” Dakhil explained.

From the outset, Meet&Map harnessed the co-founders various skill sets to give their social entrepreneur collaborators the best chance of success. Dakhil, an experienced sales professional with self-described “networker DNA,” can help startup social enterprises with marketing strategies and network expansion. 

For his part, Weiss has 25 years of experience in developing creative workshops. And, last but certainly not least, Ellarian offers strong credentials in building businesses that adhere to both social activism and financial sustainability.

After four years, Meet&Map was able to secure funding to offer training workshops and networking events under formal projects. In one key assignment, Meet&Map has been working with female entrepreneurs across six EU countries to provide tips on entering the circular economy. 

Recalling that long-ago conversation between Dakhil and Weiss, the project’s focus on women comes as no surprise. Established in 2018, the Women’s Map initiative recognises that women frequently have outstanding ideas and talents for advancing social projects, but sometimes need support to realise those dreams.

While Meet&Map relies solely on EU funding for income, the organisation has plans to build other, complementary revenue streams. At present, Meet&Map is constructing a “Services for Businesses and Organisations” department, which will deliver paid training sessions to SMEs on topics like corporate social responsibility, cultural transformation, and networking.

In this way, Meet&Map’s mission operates like concentric circles: supporting female entrepreneurs, expanding to social enterprises in general, and eventually helping the private sector to implement meaningful, sustainable change. This open-minded attitude permeates Meet&Map’s very organisational fabric.

How we do things is as important — or sometimes more important — than what we are doing,” Dakhil concluded.


Learn more about Meet&Map through the website and Facebook.

Photos courtesy of Meet&Map


David Wood is a freelance writer and researcher based in Beirut. He previously worked in Cairo.David Wood
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