28 Oct 2015
Madrid, Egypt, Spain
Sustainable Textiles and Clothing

Lorena Pérez and Mohamed Ebrahim were new parents when they conceived the idea for Tukutuno. The Spanish-Egyptian couple had been living in Egypt for more than a decade, and were introduced to the world of organic cotton after their first child was born. Today, Tukutuno is a brand that creates non-toxic and certified organic clothing for babies and children around the world.

When their first son was born, it was not easy to find toxic-free, organic cotton fabrics in Egypt. The couple says it seemed like an impossible mission until they came across The SEKEM Foundation, a group that produces 100% organic fabrics in-country. SEKEM’s fabric is fair trade and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.

“We started Tukutuno because we wanted a change — a change in babies’ clothes, a change in agriculture, a change in working conditions, a change in industry and manufacturing, and finally and most importantly, a change in human mentality and attitude,” say Pérez and Ebrahim.

The Tukutuno lifestyle:
For Pérez and Ebrahim, sustainability is a lifestyle shift, not a slogan or piece of promotional marketing. Kutuno sources exclusively from reliable, certified, and trustworthy sources who respect and protect the environment and their workers.

Moreover, Tukutuno’s packaging is recyclable, and the company produces clothing based on market demand, as to avoid surplus stock. Pérez and Ebrahim keep a keen eye on their energy consumption rates of their home office, and are always completely transparent with their customers. As they say, parents have the right to know where and how the clothing they buy for their children is made.

Pérez and Ebrahim is currently a family business, but the duo is working on a project to provide every family in the village with a box of organic clothing garments when they have a new baby. This will benefit families as well as increase the awareness of organic clothing in the community.


Website: www.tukutuno.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tukutuno

Photos: Courtesy of Tukutuno

Tukutuno Sustainable textiles and clothing