07 Feb 2017
Hydra, Algeria
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

When Adel Baba-Aissa discovered his passion for renewable energy, he was a finance lawyer in London. He had the opportunity to work on one of the largest solar energy deals in Southern Europe, which accelerated investment in solar projects in Italy. This experience left him eager to learn more about the global renewable energy industry.

In 2013, after years of research and networking, Adel took a leap of faith and left his career as a lawyer to focus on his passion. He founded RnE Partner and set out to help build the solar energy industry in his home country Algeria.

Despite having rich oil and natural gas resources, Algeria has put in place strong targets for switching to sustainable energy. The country hopes to generate nearly 30% of its electricity from solar, wind, and geothermal energy by 2030.

At a time when most renewable energy projects in Algeria have been won by foreign firms, RnE Partner is developing several large-scale solar projects. These solar farms will provide around 100 MW of electricity for 100,000 homes across the country. CO2 emissions will also be cut by 80,000 tons annually, equivalent to planting 2 million trees each year.

While establishing RnE Partner as one of Algeria’s first private renewable energy firms, Adel began to work with a multicultural team of entrepreneurs from Sub-Saharan Africa to pursue new projects in emerging markets. He also regularly travels across the globe to speak at conferences on renewable energy.

RnE Partner is now developing large-scale solar projects to address the energy access gap in Ghana, Nigeria, and Zambia. These projects will provide vulnerable communities with affordable, sustainable energy for years to come. The local economy will grow as thousands of households gain access to electricity for the first time. Hundreds of people will also take advantage of jobs, training, and business opportunities in solar energy.

In Morocco, RnE Partner’s solar rooftop and hybrid power projects will help businesses and farms switch from fossil fuels to clean energy. They will save money on energy and become more profitable while creating positive environmental impact.

“We believe we can use our skills and experiences to help the region fulfill its potential and build the infrastructure for electricity access across Africa.” Adel Baba-Aissa, Founder
Giving back to communities across Africa through renewable energy | The Switchers

As RnE Partner’s business continues to grow, Adel and his team remain driven by their passion to make a difference. They give back to their own communities with each solar energy project, helping to create new jobs, provide affordable, sustainable energy, and alleviate poverty across Africa.

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