03 Jan 2019
Giza, Egypt
Sustainable Food and Agriculture

As the whole country is slowly moving towards ‘going green’ and ‘eating clean’, Wael Sharaf is taking bigger steps to step up the country’s game. “I always had the idea of having a farm since I’m in love with plants, which prompted me to leave the corporate life after almost 12 years to have my own business and run a farm,” Sharaf says.

His main business idea was establishing organic farms that produce olive, olive oil and vegetables under his initiative, Wiiwii’s Farm. But recently as another line of business where it opens for visits so people can spend time around nature and get familiar with farming,” Sharaf adds.

As for the clientele, he is currently, directly dealing with end-users who are interested in buying fresh organic produce.

When it comes to funding, Sharaf says that the main funds for the business was his savings from corporate years plus some support from his father. “You know how hard it is to establish a new private business especially in agriculture so I’m doing my best to sustain it via reducing costs, planting and growing different items and animals, while benefiting from all sources available within the farm,” he notes.

Apart from Wiiwii’s Farm’s main activities, the farm also engages in using its own animal waste as a fertilizer, growing most of its animal feed, using palm trees in building its fence, and planting small items like onions under olive trees to use the same water.

Sharaf is also active reaching out to his community to spread awareness around his farm either through social media or volunteering opportunities.

Just want to add that it gives a great pleasure when you see the results of your hard work even if not financially which could be seen when you do farming as you see how trees are growing, land turns green, animals growing and eating from your own hands,” Sharaf remarks.

Learn more about Wiiwii’s Farm through their Facebook page.


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