24 May 2018
Amman, Jordan
Sustainable Construction

Anas Saleh, a bright young Jordanian architect, wants to set the gold standard for green buildings: not just in his home country, but across the entire Middle East. Within three years, Saleh hopes to provide high-quality services at reasonable prices for a range of clients. His dreams certainly do not want for effort; already, his prototype company Building Worx looks set to make an impact.

After Saleh graduated from the University of Jordan in 2009, he was determined not to contribute to the construction industry’s enormous share of global CO2 emissions. The building sector accounts for more than 37 percent of Jordan’s total energy consumption, according to the Jordanian Ministry of Energy and Electricity Regulatory Commission. At present, construction processes excessively expend energy, water and raw materials, while also generating much waste and emissions.

Encouragingly, Jordan has introduced several initiatives for encouraging green building construction. If successful, new regulations could reduce energy, water and building material consumption rates by 20-50 percent, 40 percent and 70 percent respectively [Diala Atiyat at al, 2017]. This has created incentives for young entrepreneurs like Saleh to build green.

For instance, Saleh explained his eco-friendly work at Ra’fat Qassem Villa. The heating system was installed under the floor and connected to solar panels to take advantage of alternative energy. Double glass windows and doors also ensure that the heat generated remains inside.

According to Saleh, green building techniques allow other opportunities to reduce the site’s environmental impact. Water recycling systems are just one excellent measure, not least because Jordan suffers from alarming water scarcity rates. Building Worx will offer retrofitting, insulation and continuous maintenance, while also advising on making existing buildings more sustainable.

“The most useful thing I learned is to integrate environmentally friendly practices into my daily work on site, as well as on my personal habits; this has helped me later on transform my contracting company from a regular business into an environmentally friendly company,” Saleh remarked.


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Photos credits: Courtesy of SwitchMed (SCPRAC) & Bernat Mestres (White Horse)

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