24 May 2018
Amman, Jordan
Sustainable Housing & Construction

Anas Saleh, a young bright architect form Jordan wants to become a market leader in green buildings in Jordan and the Middle East within 3 years of operation, by providing high-quality services at reasonable prices and building long-term partnerships with key stakeholders. He is certainly working hard in order to make his dream true. His soon-to-be-established new company Building WORX looks like it will be soon ahead of the curve.

Engineer Saleh is a bright young Architect, who has graduated from the University of Jordan in 2009. He did not like the idea that building accounts for a large amount of CO2 emissions in the world. According to the Jordanian Ministry of Energy and Electricity Regulatory Commission statistics, the construction sector consumes more than 37% of the total energy consumption in the country, while the residential sector consumes 21%. The raising of fuel and electricity prices, will directly affect the cost of the energy bill of the citizen. The construction processes use large amounts of energy excessively, water and raw materials, and tend to generate a lot of waste and emissions, also it consumes a lot of land that may be green fields or farmland.

Jordan has provided several facilities in order to stimulate the construction of green buildings. The research found that the use of green building in the building regulations will reduce energy consumption rates by 20-50%, and the ratios of water resources to 40%, and rates of building materials to 70% [Diala Atiyat at al, 2017]. And so, Anas’s dream is to contribute to greening the Jordanian buildings. To this end, he is working hard to establish his company Building Worx which specializes in green building & sustainable construction.

“One of the projects that Saleh explained to us was the work he did at Ra’fat Qassem Villa. The heating system was installed under the floor and connected to solar panels to take advantage of alternative energy. We had been working on thermal insulation system for the building floors, walls and ceilings to ensure complete insulation of the building. We have also installed double glass windows and doors to ensure the preservation of internal heat,” Saleh explains

At Building Worx they are offering a unique value to their customers through constructing green building projects with reasonable costs yet high-quality housing. The company follows environmental practices throughout the construction phaseSaleh adds that green buildings provide abundant opportunities for reducing CO2 emissions. For instance, implementing systems for water recycling and the use of rainwater is an excellent measure, taking into account that Jordan is one of the countries that suffer from water scarcity. In addition to this, the founder of Building Worx offers extra services such as retrofitting, insulation and continuous maintenance and provides advice to transform a regular building into a sustainable one.

“The most useful thing I learned is to integrate environmentally friendly practices into my daily work on site, as well as on my personal habits; this has helped me later on transform my contracting company from a regular business into an environmentally friendly company,” Saleh remarked.



This article was originally published on the SwitchMed website.

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