10 May 2017
Beirut, Lebanon
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

ME Green’s four foundersWajdi Habib, Lara El Khoury, Philippe El Khoury, and Thierry Laulomare unlikely allies. They first envisioned and founded ME Green from different parts of the world. From Belgium, Wajdi and Thierry collaborated with Philippe and Lara on their new passion: green energy. Nicolas Leroy would also join the team later from Belgium and become a managing partner.

In 2010, and as Lebanon continued to suffer from unexpected power cuts, blackouts, fuel shortages, the ME Green team saw the potential to make an immediate impact through renewable energy. Small and medium-scale decentralized renewable energy systems provide practical solutions to Lebanon’s energy problems. Wind and solar energy solutions have the potential to empower people to directly access affordable, eco-friendly electricity.

At the time, Lebanese communities had little to no awareness of how renewable energy could positively impact their own lives or the environment. Even though the concept of green business had not yet reached Lebanon, ME Green’s founders invested their time and money to grow their business from the ground up.


Green energy for the people of Lebanon | The Switchers

ME Green’s team spent most of their time knocking on people’s doors and spreading the word about solar and wind energy. They pursued their mission of educating people about renewable energy through seminars and exhibitions. Each year they focus on a new way that solar or wind energy can solve everyday problems: from how eco-houses can be designed to conserve energy, to how solar panels can be installed on a carport to provide electricity to family homes, and how solar systems can be seamlessly integrated into gardens.

Now that the green business and startup communities have begun to flourish in Lebanon, ME Green and their clients have more access to finance and investment. The team recently received funding from the Fondation Diane in 2016 to grow their company and expand their eco-social impact.

ME Green’s clients also have access to green loans to finance renewable energy systems, provided through the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC) and the Central Bank of Lebanon.


Each of ME Green’s projects uses small- to medium-scale solar or wind energy systems to power communities across Lebanon. The company also offers affordable, out-of-the-box solutions, including solar panels and water heaters, for individuals and families through the largest retailer in Lebanon, Khoury Home.

One of ME Green’s largest, most challenging projects is a solar rooftop system for ABC Dbayeh shopping mall in the suburbs of Beirut. ME Green won ABC mall project after competing with over 70 renewable energy companies. The project is one of nine funded through UNDP’s decentralized renewable energy project.

Even today the ME Green team remains true to their commitment to educating the people of Lebanon about renewable energy and environmental sustainability. Students at the Lycée Franco Libanais school in Nabatieh now have the opportunity to learn about solar energy from a real-life project. ME Green replaced the Lycée school’s backup diesel generators with solar panels. The solar system significantly reduces the school’s reliance on fossil fuels. When school is not in session, the power generated from the system completely covers the building’s consumption.

ME Green also implemented another UNDP-funded project, which led to the installation of small-scale wind turbines at local schools in the Bekaa Valley and northern Lebanon.

When ME Green installed a solar energy system at Le Telegraphe of Bellevue Hotel in Bhamdoun, they hosted an open house to raise awareness of the environmental and financial benefits of renewable energy.

ME Green hopes to become a one-stop shop for green energy solutions. The team has recently expanded its services to include energy efficient eco-houses. Working with LipHe wellness retreat and resort, ME Green designed and built eco-houses adapted to the natural surroundings, minimizing their environmental footprint and impact. The eco-houses provide a warm, welcoming setting to help people improve their health and wellness by connecting with nature, organic food, and their own inner selves.

As of early 2017, ME Green’s projects have resulted in the installation of more than 300kW of solar panels and 300 solar water heaters throughout Lebanon.

ME Green is one of only a handful of renewable energy companies in the Middle East with a woman founding member. As ME Green has grown and expanded in recent years, Lara El Khoury, who helped steer the company in its early stages, returned as the Director of New Business Development. Moreover, Diane Fadel, an advocate for sustainable development in Lebanon, has a seat on the company’s board.

“We’re working to create a positive impact on the environment in our region. At first, we had to knock on doors, but now people are knocking on our doors. We strongly believe in the motto: “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” El Khoury said

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ME Green Renewable energy and energu efficiency