28 Oct 2015
Florence, Italy
Communication for sustainability, Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Waste Management

Many people want to live, travel, and consume sustainably, but a setback can be determining which businesses are following best green practices. Now, consumers in Italy and beyond have a simpler option: The GreenWatcher.

The GreenWatcher is a platform that helps consumers find sustainable companies in their region, and enables companies to measure and promote their environmental performance. Developed in May 2015 by the University of Florence and Tuscany Region to reach the goals of the European Environmental Action Plan for Sustainable Production and Consumption, the platform is the benchmark tool for green practice in Italy.

How The GreenWatcher establishes sustainability:

The GreenWatcher’s rankings are based on unambiguous, scientific criteria that proves the sustainability of each company. An EcoAssessment measurement tool was developed by the University of Florence, and takes into consideration a company’s use of materials, waste management practices, energy consumption, and other factors. It then provides companies an EcoScore between one and 10. Companies then receive a Certificate of Eco-sustainability with that score, which they can promote through the platform and to the public in-store.

Sustainability on-the-go:

The GreenWatcher has also created an app to ensure consumers have the most up-to-date information regarding company sustainability. That app rewards eco-friendly customers, and helps businesses promote their eco-friendly services and products.

In addition to marketing, companies can use the app to create and manage a series of green coupons — special offers or discounts offered to active app users. Customers receive these savings opportunities, and have the chance to easily access a worldwide network of green businesses.

Customer experience matters. Users have the option to share their EcoOpinions through the app — reviews that provide insight into the visible sustainability of the places they visit. This tool promotes environmental sustainability among eco-friendly customers, creating a user-made map of green activities. EcoOpinions give businesses a score from zero to five, and the number represents the level of eco-sustainability, as perceived by customers. Companies can use this information to improve experiences for customers.


The challenge of tourism and pleasure services around sustainability is giving people simple and clear tools to manage, to understand, and to choose it.Amina Mauro, The GreenWatcher co-founder on reducing the barriers that can be faced by customers
The Italian app that helps companies measure and promote their sustainable practices | The Switchers

The GreenWatcher team says its platform feeds directly into caring for the community — the more local, green companies that are promoted, the more business they will get, which will in turn lead to successful economies and new jobs.


Website: www.thegreenwatcher.com 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheGreenWatcher

Photos: Courtesy of The GreenWatcher

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