19 Jun 2019
Marrakech, Morocco
Sustainable Food and Agriculture, Sustainable Tourism

Terre d’Eveil has built its reputation as a peaceful haven for Moroccans and foreigners alike to escape the bustle of central Marrakech. But the organization offers much more than refreshing fruit juice in a tranquil garden setting.

The center provides many community services based on eco-friendly principles, including permaculture training, wellness education and its own range of natural cosmetics. The passionate founder, Rachid Jafaari, is also collaborating with like-minded initiatives around Morocco to work towards a greener future.

Environmental education is perhaps the primary objective of Terre d’Eveil. The Marrakech center invites school groups and arranges summer activities for children, emphasizing the connection between young Moroccans and the world around them.

For adults, Terre d’Eveil acts as a community hub for eco-friendly training. Visitors can take part in classes on meditation and aromatherapy, or attend workshops featuring speakers on a variety of eco-friendly topics. With Terre d’Eveil, Jafaari wants to provide a central place for gathering “practitioners of well-being.”

Jafaari is also committed to promoting sustainable agricultural practices in Morocco, starting from Terre d’Eveil’s very own garden. The site is maintained according to best practice permaculture practices — reducing the amount of water used, and avoiding harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Terre d’Eveil makes its own contribution to the conservation of local vegetation, growing plants with medicinal properties and extracting essential oils. Jafaari has teamed up with the Tifawine Association of Rabat to pass on these harvesting skills to women living in the Ait Bouguemez Valley, providing an eco-friendly source of income.

With all these activities, Terre d’Eveil certainly justifies its self-description as “holisitic” — a center for eco-minded folk to learn and share skills that will help conserve Morocco’s natural beauty.


Learn more about Terre d’Eveil through the website, Facebook and Instagram.

Photos courtesy of Terre d’Eveil (Facebook)

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