17 May 2017
Barcelona, Spain
Sustainable Tourism

Each one of us strives to make the world a better place to live in. But this tickling thought seems daunting and far-fetched. With its great ideas and aspirations to offer people the opportunity to pitch in a larger cause of improving the world, Authenticitys was founded on the belief that everybody should be able to travel the world and explore other cultures and religions.

Authenticitys is an online platform that connects visitors with local, unforgettable experiences that are based on personal, social, and global scales. These experiences range from being educational to leaving a positive footprint by visitors.

A crowdsourced initiative:

The innovative minds behind this project are Elena Rodríguez Blanco, Kim Lessig, and Toni Ripoll i Roig. “We believe there’s a new way to give back to the city you visit,” the Facebook page read.

They started developing and modeling experiences as early as 2010 in Vietnam, and in 2013, they carried out their journeys to Barcelona with local partners. In successive years, they created purposeful experiences in over 25 cities, with more than 50 interactive experiences.

To highlight its global reach, the project has aligned its goals with the United Nations sustainability goals to support the ecosystem. Since 2017 is the UN year of sustainable tourism, Authenticitys seized the chance to put forward its objectives and invite people to join in raising awareness on sustainable tourism and mobilizing stakeholders in making the tourism sector a catalyst for positive change. Additionally, the initiative aims at creating educational experiences of social innovation in all cities and fostering change in policy-making, business practices, and consumer behavior in tourism.

As such, Authenticitys is planning on reaching an audience of 500,000 people to join in facing environmental challenges. The initiative holds an annual summit every year on topics around social impact, sustainable travel, and alternative education. This year’s event takes place on the 20th of May.

The change they seek: making diversity a reality:

The project focuses on making global impacts in six fields, namely health, education, environment, employability, equality, and happiness. In healthcare, Authenticitys supports all activities such as exercising, eating healthy food, emotional management, community building, and an overall holistic lifestyle that can keep the mind, body, and heart at a healthy state.

Authenticitys also aims to influence educational systems around the world through supporting cultural interrelations, social conscience, taking risks and having profound ecosystem knowledge. Amongst those educational tools is the Authenticitys Challenge, a fast-paced entrepreneurship experience where you learn by doing while creating positive change in the city you live in.

It is an open initiative that tackles social problems by bringing together social enterprises and students through a human-centred, learning-by-doing methodology. It has been run in over 10 universities with more than 5000 students.

In the field of employability, it adopts a more humanistic approach which advocates understanding and dignity for everyone. It urges young people to acquire new skills, transfer artisanal practices and wisdom, and seize every learning experience that would enable them to improve the conditions of their society.

Happiness has a new address:

One might be surprised to learn that happiness is among the global impacts that Authenticitys cherishes and supports. It accentuates respecting others with different opinions and beliefs and celebrating diversity.

This project has become the connector, host, and influence on organizations wanting to improve the conditions of our world through travel. Traveling to make the world a better place can actually save people a lot of money and connect them to a far more rewarding and immersive travel experience.

Website: http://authenticitys.com/en/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authenticitys

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Authenticitys/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Authenticitys

Photos: Courtesy of Authenticitys

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