27 Oct 2015
Tunisia, Tunisia
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Construction

Specializing in the creation of green roofs and living walls, SICAP is a Tunisian company committed to a sustainable development approach. Both aesthetic and ecological, these green roofs help to improve the living environment of citizens, while reintroducing nature into the cities. SICAP also works with weavers from rural areas for making bags from recycled materials.

In recent years, green roofs are popping up everywhere. In Tunisia, Khaled Fatnassi, founder of SICAP, welcomes this trend: “The greening of the market roof continues to contribute to the integration of sustainable development in construction since 2004. We’re finally realizing the environmental benefits of green roofs.” Dedicated to the creation of green roofs and green space development, SICAP develops innovative solutions since 2001 to reintroduce nature in Tunisian cities.


When nature is involved in Tunisia’s roofs | The Switchers
When nature is involved in Tunisia’s roofs | The Switchers

At the heart of the business philosophy of SICAP, sustainable development is a major challenge for the cities of the future.  The craze for urban greening, beyond its aesthetic appearance, results in so many benefits for buildings and their users. While reintroducing fauna and flora in the city, these green roofs offer considerable advantages, especially in terms of thermal insulation and improved air quality.


The revegetation of roofs improves the thermal inertia of the building by naturally reinforcing insulation. Thus, in summer, cooling requirements are significantly lower. Similarly, these green carpets help fight the phenomenon of urban heat islands by returning a portion of rainwater to the atmosphere. Vegetation cools the outdoor air and improves the quality of life, while helping to stem biodiversity loss.

SICAP also devotes a significant attention to the recycling of green waste from its operations. Simultaneously, the company has partnered with a group of women from rural areas for the tailoring of handcrafted bags. Woven from recycled old clothes, these sturdy bags are intended to contain the green walls’ basis. This initiative is primarily used to perpetuate an ancestral know-how in rural areas of Tunisia.

SICAP Green Roofs