05 Dec 2018
Casablanca, Morocco
Resource efficiency and sustainable waste management

North Africa is renowned for craftsmanship and baskets are some of the products they excel at. One country is known for selling them down its old medinas. Safaa Hafid decided to further preserve such trade through her initiative, Doumeign.

Doumeign is a project that is less than two years old. “We started our project as part of a social entrepreneurship club at our school (Academy of Traditional Arts). In addition, my father is a craftsman of doum (baskets) which helped the team to have a very fine and precise knowledge of this market and the needs of people working there,” Hafid says.

Doumeign is basically a design brand that reinvents Moroccan handicrafts and aims to accompany artisans of basket-making especially women in rural areas for the production of a new range of furniture, decorations and accessories.

Hafid’s clientele differs between individuals who are usually young women, and companies for gift items at events and more. The initiative which is based in Casablanca is self-sustained. “We’re self-financed though we’re always on the lookout for other means of funding,” Hafid adds.

Her team try to share their vision and values with their community through channels of social media, events, and exhibitions. “We understood that one of the keys to the success of a project is networking and communication,” she notes.

Learn more about Doumeign through their Facebook Page and Instagram.

Photos: Courtesy of Doumeign.

Doumeign Resource efficiency and sustainable waste management
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