19 Dec 2018
Beirut, Lebanon
Sustainable Food and Agriculture

Lebanon is a country with a scarce amount of land. But entrepreneur, Samer Chammaa is making the best of it in a sustainable, organic way through his initiative, Nabat Organic. It’s a leading supplier of non-GMO, certified organic foods and beverages provider operating in Lebanon and the Middle East area since 2003.

Under the umbrella of Nabat Organic, there is a brand named True Nature. “Our market has seen a big growth in the adoption of organic and healthy eating lately. One of the main product lines consumers are interested in are snacks and instant, on-the-go meals,” Chammaa says.

He further adds that many of these products are being imported from outside Lebanon and introduced at various points of sale. “However, most are getting priced high limiting the pool of consumers that can afford them,” Chammaa notes. Along with that, he has seen some attempts to produce healthy products in Lebanon, but Chammaa says there are two issues. “First, very few to none are certified organic and second, the quality has not been raised to match that of imported products making them less desirable and trusted by many consumers,” he remarks.

True Nature is basically a line of premium certified organic, vegan, and gluten-free snacks and instant breakfast products proudly made in Lebanon. ”Under this brand, we aim to provide the highest quality products within reasonable prices making them available to a wider range of consumers,” Chammaa says.

Through True Nature, Chammaa is aiming at spreading awareness among consumers to switch from unhealthy snacking loaded with chemicals and harmful synthetic ingredients to delicious snacks made from 100% certified organic ingredients. “That is why we chose our brand theme “True Nature Healthy U Happy U”. Moreover, since most of us nowadays are on the run, we introduced an all-organic instant breakfast line which is quick and easy to prepare,” he adds.

He shares that the clientele base includes but is not limited to families, individuals, mothers, kids, fathers, athletics, and anyone who is interested in improving their diets and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. “We have also made sure we tailor our products for our vegan and gluten-intolerant communities, on top of being CCPB certified organic,” Chammaa says.

Besides providing healthy products, the self-funded initiative is keen on raising awareness around the importance of eating healthy food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. “We do that through our various marketing and networking channels such as social media, as well as participation in local events (cooking classes, street events, etc),” adds Chammaa.

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Photos: Courtesy of Nabat Organic.

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