09 Dec 2018
Amman, Jordan
Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Waste Management

“Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” This is the personal motto of Buthaina Aburoza, founder of Jordanian community group Qutoof Professional Development. Her organization provides vocational training for Jordanian businesses that want to become more eco-friendly. “When I looked at the environment sector in my country, I found that there is a huge gap in awareness,” said Aburoza.

Qutoof has started redressing this issue by establishing a high caliber center of sustainable excellence in Amman. Interested community members can receive instruction on how to bolster their eco-friendly credentials, especially in relation to recycling and waste management. “I knew that changing behavior could happen through empowering individuals to acquire knowledge, values and skills to positively impact their community,” she said.

Jordan has a disproportionately large amount of litter for a relatively small population. According to German research project Litterbase, more than 10 billion pieces of litter have built up off Jordan’s coastline, making it one of the world’s most densely polluted locations. A Sisterhood Is Global Institute study found that Jordan is the world’s tenth most polluted country, a lamentable state caused by industrial waste, air pollution and rampant desertification. Qutoof has joined several local organizations, including a number of fellow Switchers, by identifying wasteful habits — ingrained in both Jordanian businesses and individuals — as a key target for change.

Aburoza has extensive experience in up-skilling her compatriots, having worked for 15 years in community development. Under her guidance, Qutoof runs a variety of courses and programs aimed at helping local businesses do their bit to achieve the country’s targets for sustainable development.

Already, Qutoof has attracted praise and accreditation for its community involvement. Aburoza reports that her organization is considered Jordan’s leading approved center by the City and Guilds of London Institute, a renowned educational organization. Qutoof students can now obtain international diplomas in waste management and recycling for their efforts.

Aburoza places a strong emphasis on eco-friendly skills transfer to Jordan’s next generation. Qutoof runs dedicated programs for environmental leaders and “eco-clue for kids” to ensure that, as Aburoza puts it, it can “educate and enable [future] generations to deal with environmental challenges.”

Qutoof has benefited from participating in the SwitchMed Incubation Program by receiving practical guidance on how to attract funding and foster functional eco-friendly businesses. “These mentoring experiences strengthened Qutoof with the technical assistance that we needed,” said Aburoza.


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Photos courtesy of Qutoof Professional Development

Qutoof Professional Development Resource efficiency and sustainable waste management