29 Mar 2016
Istanbul, Turkey
Sustainable Textiles and Clothing

Asli ‘s Closet is a supportive e-shop where people can sell their clothes while supporting a good cause. The income earned on sales is donated to various associations and Turkish NGOs working for the environment, equal opportunities, rights of women and the protection of animals.

Asli Güvenç was trained in business management and in fashion photography, but she also loves animals. In 2011, this young Turkish woman had the idea of creating a blog to get rid of her surplus clothes. But instead of asking for money, she suggested buyers should pay through a donation to animal protection. Her blog quickly became very popular and the initiative was backed by the Turkish media. Asli Güvenç also receives considerable support from celebrities who give their own clothes to participate in the common cause. At the end of the year, her blog was chosen by the public as one of the 10 best female blogs in Turkey.

As the project Asli grew she decided to create a real platform where anyone could sell their clothes and provide support to a variety of causes. For each sale, Asli’s Closet collects a small commission: 15% for individual sales, and 30% in the case of companies. This money is then donated to associations or NGOs. Users, if they wish, can also choose to donate all profits to associations of their choice.

Asli’s Closet mainly supports environmental initiatives, the protection of animals, women rights and support for education and equal opportunities. The website also allows associations to sell items directly without any commission.

Built on the principle of recycling clothes, Asli’s Closet defends environmental protection values. By giving a second life to clothes, a new value chain is set up. Not only the life cycle of the cloths is lengthened, but it also generates new wealth that promotes the local economy.

Our mission is to support the fight with Turkey’s most important social problems, and also to attract attention to consumerism and to support the economy and the environment via recycling.Asli Güvenç, founder of Asli's Closet
Recycling clothes for a good cause | The Switchers

Selected in 2014 among the 500 best start-ups of the Eurasian continent, this young social company is actively working on its new web platform. It currently consists of a freelance developer and two student volunteers; Asli ‘s Closet team aspires to grow and soon plans to create two permanent positions.

Asli's Closet E-shop