21 Jun 2017
Ouazzane, Morocco
Renewable energy and energy efficiency

With all the attention paid to climate change, CEO and Founder of Green Gold Energy Walid Machrouh and a team of young entrepreneurs attempt to accentuate a range of environmental and sustainability issues. These issues include the vulnerability of particular people and places to climate change and the consequences of tropical deforestation on the climate.

If we already lost 1.5 million square kilometers of forests, then, certainly we will lose a precious supplier of natural resources. On the other hand, waste and organic industrial panels are increasingly present without any valorization. These two issues are the motive and rationale behind the project. They believe that waste management and deforestation should be the starting points to give birth to feasible and sustainable solutions.

A new look for preservation:

“Waste no Waste, now you can green it!” is the motto of Green Gold Energy, which is based in Ouazzane, Morocco. It aims at preserving natural and sustainable resources. The company’s ecological outlook consists of the use of abandoned waste and developing organic biofuels, a new source of clean and sustainable energy based on the sawdust, coffee grounds and the pomace of olive, which are found easily and with low prices and high performance. It is an innovative and competitive start-up company that provides eco-friendly products to small industries and individuals in the Moroccan and African markets.

The project’s new product will replace wood waste that is characterized by its high energy content and low greenhouse gas emission. The new product emits 50% less greenhouse gas compared to coal and 35% compared to wood, while it has 30% more calorific value compared to both.

The company’s approach to green production is absolutely a big evolution that is able to change people’s perspectives about organic waste and influence them to reduce human waste. As a result of this new strategy, the company has guaranteed 10 employments in the first year after its inauguration, with a self-governing, autonomous and reliable way, including a major improvement of their incomes and social status.

To date, Green Gold Energy has developed one product in the form of densified logs, made of organic waste and the second product in the form of pellets, made of banal industrial waste. The initiative is committing to protect the environment and work with communities and large industries such as cement and brickwork. Its target segments are diverse, however, the one thing that unites them is the need to develop agricultural approaches that reduce environmental impacts while making the world a better, cleaner and greener place to live in.

To meet the increasing global demand for energy, while reducing the risk of damage to the environment, Machrouh believes that it is important to ensure the sustainability of industries working with energy resources, as well as natural resources. Additionally, he regards estimating the huge number of wastes existing in Ouazzane of an utmost importance.

The team of Green Gold Energy has been focusing on preparing green products with more integrative environmental and social impact combined with agricultural and economic development. In 2017, the company aims to collect funds, finalize the works at play in Morocco of producing 50 tons in return for 80, 000 dirhams per month, and to evaluate the chain of production and logistics.

By the end of 2017, the company will have stabilized production and studied the application of their project in several African countries, while developing and expanding existing sources that are more sustainable than fossil fuels. Finally, with the potential market of 30 billion euros in Africa, the company will boost its production, both regionally and internationally. Global investment in clean energy shows that renewables continued their rapid ascendancy, bringing multiple benefits for all.

As the demand for energy increases with the growing global population, the need to find new, renewable sources of energy is now a basic necessity and Green Gold Energy works to reconcile the needs of people and the planet. The debate about energy resources in the future is ongoing. However, sustainable energy has become a top priority for many industries around the globe.

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Green Gold Energy Renewable energy and energy efficiency
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