28 Oct 2015
Madrid, Spain
Sustainable Mobility

When a package arrives at our door, the last thing we often think about is the environmental toll it may have taken to get there. Koiki, a non-profit social enterprise based in Madrid makes those considerations, making the courier business one that is more environmentally and socially minded.

The formula behind Koiki’s solution is simple: the pick-up and delivery of packages is centralized and overseen by a single person in each neighborhood, a person deemed the local Koiki worker. Many of these workers are handicap or disadvantaged residents of those communities.

When packages arrive, that worker subsequently delivers the package to his or her neighbors, ideally on foot or by bicycle. This centralized system minimizes the number of delivery truck trips that must be taken around an area, and improves and personalizes the experience for customers. It also makes package delivery more accessible for residents who may struggle to visit the post office to pick up a parcel.

The environmental impact is tangible: Koiki has calculated that, with each package transported using its service, customers reduce CO2 emissions by 0.42 kilograms.

Koiki holds the firm conviction that cooperation on and the development of local, environmentally-committed projects translates to the improvement of living conditions of all citizens.


Website: www.koiki.eu/en
Facebook: www.facebook.com/koiki.home
Instagram: www.instagram.com/koiki_home

Photos: Courtesy of Koiki

Koiki Sustainable transport