18 Jan 2019
Amman, Jordan
Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Waste Management

A major NGO in Jordan and the Middle East is Jordan River Foundation, a key player in the country’s social and economic development through community empowerment and child safety programs across the nation. The non-profit which is chaired by Queen Rania Al Abdullah, helps women both from local and refugee communities, with better employment opportunities by helping them create their own social enterprises or offering capacity building.

This in turn resulted in establishing Jordan River Designs and Al Karma Kitchen, both are based in Central Jordan and manufacture handicrafts and furniture pieces for sale and their kitchen for some delicious traditional and modern creations to take home.

The foundation which was established in 1995 lists its values as social justice, participation, responsibility, and sustainability, and continuously strives to serve as a model for progressive NGO governance in the region, according to their website.

“The Board also includes several permanent committees, such as an Executive and Adult Committee, which welcome other board members to their meetings. When needed, and on a periodic basis, ad-hoc committees are also convened for specific purposes,” the website reads.

The 35,000+ manned organization benefits over 3,500 people through their empowerment programs.

The handicrafts, items and food products they’re selling range from €13 for modern design notebooks to €74 for hand-embroidered cushions. Traditional date, walnut or pistachio-filled butter cookies start from €18 per kilo.

The Jordan River Design showroom can be found in Amman on the famous Al-Rainbow street, and it’s open everyday from 10am till 7pm, or browse and buy via their online shop.


Follow the foundation on Facebook or through their website.

Jordan River Foundation Resource efficiency & sustainable waste management