28 Oct 2015
Amman, Jordan
Sustainable Textiles & Clothing

For Nadia Dajani, creating jobs and jewelry are of equal importance. Dajani is the founder and designer of the self-named jewelry brand that employs women from underprivileged parts of Jordan to create pieces made of silver, copper, and gemstones.

Finding work outside the home can be difficult for Jordanian women, the majority of whom are never given training or education opportunities. Established in Amman in 2003, Nadia Dajani trains women from scratch, tapping into their natural talent to empower them in the art of jewelry making. Their work is then displayed and sold locally and internationally.

Crafting one-of-a-kind treasures:

Dajani’s designs are handmade using exclusively natural materials, and in many cases, stones from the region where the women are working. Recycling materials and producing its own packaging also helps the designer stay sustainable. The jewelry is not made using any tools that will harm the environment, and most are created using simple hand tools. To ensure accountability to sustainable practices, the brand works with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature in Dana and Mujib, just north of Petra.

Though the brand has faced many successes, Dajani admits there are difficulties, too. “The main challenge is competition from mass production, expense and overheads in a small country like Jordan, and difficulties connecting with like-minded brands to unite and present our work for people to understand,” explains Dajani.

While the jewelry brand has broken much ground in Jordan, Dajani’s most important achievement is being the first company in Jordan to be allowed to do the work that it does. Previously, only NGOs were allowed to provide work to women — now, the brand gives many opportunities for women to upgrade their homes and provide better for their children.

By working, they provide an example to their daughters and sons — women can, and should work.


Website: www.nadiadajani.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/NadiaDajaniJewellery

Photos: Courtesy of Nadia Dajani

Nadia Dajani Sustainable textiles and clothing
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