04 Nov 2015
Barcelona, Spain
Sustainable Mobility

Social Car is an online platform that eases the way in which private car owners in 11 cities across Spain can rent their vehicle to other individuals. This is resulting in a reduction in the number of cars on the road, and the number of new cars purchased.

Here is how it works: car owners can sign up for a Social Car profile using their email address or Facebook account. From there, they are prompted to create a free listing that includes descriptions and photos of the vehicle — anything another individual may like or need to know before renting the car.

An individual interested in renting can then enter their location into Social Car’s search bar, pulling up all available vehicles during their selected time period. Depending on the listing, the car may even be available for home delivery or airport pick-up. The platform is an example of how disruptive, shared economy businesses can lead the sustainable consumption movement. It promotes the shared use of resources, community building, and awareness about responsible consumption.

Social Car is working in collaboration with the Barcelona Actúa Foundation and Civiclub, both of which are involved in increasing the social responsibility of consumers.

Website: www.socialcar.com/en
Facebook: www.facebook.com/social.car
Instagram: www.instagram.com/socialcarcom

Photos: Courtesy of Social Car


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