12 Aug 2021
Barcelona, Spain
Communication for sustainability

Around the world, people are increasingly accepting the crucial importance of sustainability. In 2020, a large-scale UNDP survey found that 64% of respondents worldwide considered climate change to be a “global emergency” — even amidst the disastrous COVID-19 pandemic. For many, the trouble with sustainability lies not in the “why,” but the “how”: how can each person take action and lead eco-friendly lives?

For over a decade, Spanish publication Girosalut has been providing information on how consumers can make more sustainable choices. Originally a print magazine, Girosalut has recently established a full-service website publicizing various sustainable products and travel options. “Our Bio Platform works as a guide that connects the [eco-conscious] public with businesses in the environmental sector,” said Carolina Soler, Girosalut’s sales director.

Over more than a decade, Girosalut has established a loyal readership base for its print magazine. The publication initially focused on the organic and complementary medicine sector, aiming to provide sustainable companies with visibility.

Girosalut prints around 25,000 copies of each issue, which come out every two months. The company provides the magazine free-of-charge, relying on advertising revenue to support Girosalut’s business model.

Last year, Girosalut took the crucial decision of publishing content online.  When the COVID-19 pandemic forced people even further behind their computers, the Girosalut team realised that it needed to step up its virtual presence.

Girosalut’s website delivers a practical, intuitive service for its users; they can search for information on sutainable consumer choices in the Bio Directory, Retreats & Getaways, Bio-Showcase, and Magazines (back issues of Girosalut’s print magazine).

The Bio Directory lies at the heart of Girosalut’s corporate mission, by helping readers to find and purchase sustainably produced goods. The Bio Showcase links customers directly with the clients’ stores, allowing them to shop online immediately. Separately, the Retreats & Getaways section connects website users with experiences, offering a list of eco-tourism options and providers.

Soler explains that the Bio Directory service has benefited from the Girosalut team’s extensive experience in the European sustainability scene. “We have been in the industry for 12 years, which has allowed us to build industry clients and contacts,” Soler explained. “Many of the contacts come from specialized trade fairs in the sector.”

Crucially, each section allows website users to filter their searches based on individual needs. For instance, consumers can filter search results in the Bio Directory by sector and location. This ensures that readers can easily access information that is relevant to their consumer choices.

Girosalut’s website also includes articles that offer practical advice on how to live more sustainably. Recent topics range from tips on reducing individual consumption, supporting the circular economy, and leading a zero-waste life.

The company vision of Girosalut moves beyond individual-focused, bottom-up change. Indeed, the team believes that growing public awareness of sustainability will eventually spark widespread change, as a critical mass of consumers start habitually considering the environment first. “Our mission is to ensure that ecological criteria are considered in every consumption decision,” asserted Soler.


Learn more about Girosalut through the website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Photos courtesy of Girosalut

David Wood is a freelance writer and researcher based in Beirut. He previously worked in Cairo.David Wood
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