22 Feb 2019
Ouarzazate, Morocco
Sustainable Tourism

The eastern part of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco is named Todgha Gorge, a canyon river that engulfs limestone terrains. This is where Auberge le Festival is with its seven en-suite rooms.

The location was selected on the basis that nomads usually settle there and where travelers seek serenity away from the city bustle. The beautiful landscape especially attract hikers and mountain climbers.

The standard of accommodation offered is very unique with 5 comfortable ‘cave homes’ and 2 tower rooms set into the hillside. Staying here takes you into a world of peace and tranquility,” their website reads.

Not only that but everything the eco-establishment was built with could be found in nature, so it could easily fit in its encompassing mountains.

The place has grown to include organic produce, extract underground water, and provide solar energy, greenery and a unique compost system.

Auberge le Festival itself is a tower-like building with rooms overlooking the gorge and caves and it also has an outdoor pool.

Amongst the activities run by the lodging, there is trekking which could be guided where travelers take circular walks in the surrounding mountains to observe the enchanting landscapes. Other activities include  driving, mountain climbing and cycling adventures, as well as donkey, mule or horse riding.

They also have a restaurant that serves delectable Moroccan food such as moussaka. Dinners are later followed by live music.

Tower rooms usually cost between 600-1,200 DH (eur56-111), while cave rooms cost 800-1,100 DH (eur74-102).


Learn more about them through their website or Facebook page.

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