04 May 2016
Kiryat-Yam, Israel
Sustainable Food and Agriculture

Ecological, natural and rich in protein, spirulina is often considered the food of the future. In Israel, the company AlgaeCore specialises in the production of this useful microalgae and relies on a production model in which small producers benefit, while also focusing on research and innovation.

Created in 2013, AlgaeCore is a start-up company specialising in the production of spirulina, microalgae known for its energising properties. The co-founders of this young Israeli company, Baruch Dach and Yoram Avidan, are respectively from the fields of marine biology and high-tech industry. They have joined forces to develop a business model with a positive impact on the environment, both ecologically and socially.

The benefits of spirulina are still little known, yet it has been in existence for more than 3 billion years and was once cultivated by the Aztecs. The blue microalgae spiral is now considered as the food of the future, thanks to its high content in protein, iron, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Spirulina provides great nutritional value and its culture is recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in the fight against malnutrition.

Thanks to its cutting edge technology, AlgaeCore has set up a production model allowing the reduction of ecological footprint and a benefit to small producers. The cultivation of spirulina can be carried on anywhere, the idea is to encourage local production to minimize transport and create a community of farmers. In addition, the company has introduced a car pool with other producers to optimize transport.

We use innovation and technology to establish new standartization throughout the process in order to improve sustainability, food-safety, economic viability and stability of the entire chain of value.Baruch Dach, co-founder of AlgaeCore
Spirulina, algae with multiple virtues | The Switchers

The production of spirulina is not high in energy and requires little space. It is grown in artificial ponds, the water is then reused. AlgaeCore sells fresh spirulina, dried or frozen as a food supplement, it can go with all kinds of healthy and tasty dishes. The company currently employs 9 people and practices a responsible wage policy.

AlgaeCore also works with JustSpirulina NGO to disseminate the culture of spirulina techniques to schools in Israel. As part of this collaboration, the company is currently building a production facility on the roof of a building in Tel Aviv.

AlgaeCore Organic Food and Agriculture
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