04 Dec 2018
Beirut, Lebanon
Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Waste Management, Sustainable Furniture

Lebanon’s streets and beaches have been suffering a great deal with garbage management. And though the government is reported to be low on action, a big section of society is racing to counteract the damage done through raising awareness such as Elyesh SD’s initiative, ODDD.

ODDD is a collective of activists and designers; together they function as a community and try to change people’s minds and behavior to operate in a sustainable manner. “In order to respond to the actual challenges, ODDD intervenes on university and school levels as well engage the community in their own neighborhood,” Elyesh says. And according to him, they usually operate as a dynamic hub, meeting up in different locations keeping track of the surrounding reality.

“In order to reduce the donors influence on the collective policies, ODDD opted to be a self-funded solution generating what we call “Patches.” Those patches are high-end modular and multifunctional products based on the 3R philosophy (Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce),” Elyesh notes. “Made out of the site construction waste, a patch’s basic module is a friendly assembly article that generates high-end mini or large libraries, permaculture vertical and horizontal units, tables, lighting fixtures, fashionable clothing, closets, etc.”

Due to the modular approach, the patches could fit any space, proportion or mood and the products are Sustainable Mini Library, Sustainable Library, Sustainable Mini Planter and others.

“The patches’ targeted audience is companies, schools, universities, or people who are interested in furnishing their premises in a sustainable and creative way,” Elyesh adds. “Reaching out is not easy, but as a first step, ODDD participated at the Beirut Design Week 2018, and is actually using these products for sale online and as an educational tool in their projects.”


Find out more about the ODDD through their Facebook page.

ODDD Resource efficiency and sustainable waste management