03 Aug 2017
Oran, Algeria
Sustainable Food and Agriculture

We often hear about the ecological footprint humans have, but we rarely learn of the good deeds to lessen the negative impact. Based in the town of Oran, Algeria, Tahraoui Travaux Nord was founded by Fethi Tahraoui, a former beekeeper and a farmer who is not new to agribusiness, a branch of agriculture which incorporates both science and aesthetics in growing plants.

Tahraoui has made a great difference to agriculture in Oran by emerging as an ambitious organic farmer and olives producer. Nine years ago, he had ventured into horticulture (the growing of food and nonfood plants) on a 25 square meter land in Ain Beida village in Oran, Algeria.

Tahraoui Travaux Nord is a company that believes that gardens are consequential. The company offers services in the field of horticulture. Tahraoui Travaux Nord services deal with the art, science, technology, and business of growing plants. 

A major step towards environment-friendly gardening:

In addition to their extensive expertise, Tahraoui Travaux Nord supports the initiative for sustainable development. The company’s team are skillful in green space design and are experts in landscape development. They use a variety of ecological and sustainable techniques with a wide range of plants to meet all the different demands and ideas of their clients.

Tahraoui Travaux Nord understands the problems of massive green spaces and the responsibility of preserving them. Those spaces include outdoor spaces, parks, sports and recreation areas, public spaces and gardens. The main objective of Tahraoui Travaux Nord is to create environmentally and socially attractive living settings.

Clean cut gardening services:

Their services cover a wide range of garden maintenance such as lawn care (mowing, aeration), maintenance of perennial beds (weed control, aeration), and weeding. They also offer maintenance of garden ponds and elimination of undesirable or invasive species. 

The company also uses sustainably sourced materials and aims to help save the natural biodiverse ecosystems in the country. Tahraoui is further pushing forward a plan to increase green patches with aesthetics being a factor and a marketing scheme.



Tahraoui Travaux Nord can be found here.

Photos: Courtesy of Tahraoui Travaux Nord


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