03 Dec 2018
Giza, Egypt
Organic Food and Agriculture

In a predominantly agricultural country like Egypt, organic farming is yet to peak. And with such practice comes a number of measures and regulations that could be costly, discouraging a lot of farmers from investing in the process. But Hesham Elghamry saw an opportunity in that and turned around what began as an idea to his business, Nabatfarms.

Elghamry said that – initially – the lack of good, clean salad was behind the idea of establishing his farm. “We started studying [and planning for] the project in 2015, and by January 2017, our first product was on the shelves,” he says.

In regards to the business itself, Elghamry was largely focused on urban farming of clean, pesticide-free leafy greens. “We use the cleanest water possible and biological ways to fight insects. It is all clean and natural! We deliver our greens a few hours after harvest to ensure our clients receive a fresh product,” he adds.

Nabatfarms target mainly green lovers and the increasingly growing community of health-oriented people. “Several restaurants in Egypt now care about the quality and source of their ingredients. And our farm is located in Al Mansoureya, Giza, a few miles away from our clients,” he notes. Their products can be found at Seoudi Markets, Gourmet and Ma7ali.

The nascent business is self-sustained and considers awareness as part of its many chores. “We talk to people and post on social media to educate them on how hydroponics work in general and how Nabatfarms operate,” he says. “We will soon start inviting school students to have an educational tour at the farm and teach them how to improve the quality of the food they consume.”


Photos: Nabatfarms.

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