11 Dec 2018
Amman, Jordan
Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Waste Management

Jordan is known to be the 3rd country with water scarcity in the world. This in turn poses a threat to water treatment and the sewage system. Some houses are not even connected to sewers which is a huge health hazard. Aia Abul-Haj and Motaz Al-Thaher came up with a product – decentralized wastewater treatment system (DWTS) – as part of their initiative, SOLVILLION.

The product works as a water treatment processor connected to each house to absorb used water and reduce any health threats there are. Apart from water treatment, it is able to make the water usable enough for agricultural practices.

Though the target audience might be the general public, the product is considered costly. That’s why Abul-Haj opts to reach out to them via environmental or water-preserving NGOs, which also help raise awareness on sewage water and its risks.

Alternatively, SOLVILLION invites on college students who are educated on the matter to be part of focus groups, which can be followed with competitions and prizes. “This, in part, helps the students be more involved along with helping us figuring out the best laid-out water solutions,” she notes.

Abul-Haj and her husband started out in Irbid near rural areas, northern Jordan, but soon opened an office in Amman when they received further support. SOLVILLION did not stop at that; they received requests from abroad and they in turn reached out to a more global community.

When SOLVILLION first started, they received seed funding from Middle Eastern NGOs, that helped develop the first product which was quickly sold, and since then they have been trying to sustain financing their business through outside funding.

Abul-Haj eventually added that their initiative focuses on offering solutions through individuals and different sections of society.


Photos: Courtesy of SOLVILLION.

SOLVILLION Resource efficiency & sustainable waste management