20 Feb 2019
Tunis, Tunisia
Sustainable Cleaning Products and Cosmetics, Sustainable Textiles and Clothing

Most countries who have been through the Arab Spring are taking a long time to recover after a tumultuous period. Founders of Jolla Concept Store figured out they can partake in helping the economy in August 2018, while sitting at a cafe in La Goulette, Tunis.

Chérifa Maali, designer in visual communication, and Wajdi Ben Salem are the founders of Jolla, an eco-minded initiative. “Being young with no experience in entrepreneurship, coming up with ideas was a big challenge for both of us,” they say.

After long discussions, they finally started their initiative in the hope of promoting sustainability as well as Tunisian artisans. “Our commitment is to support women in rural areas by promoting their unique and beautiful artworks,” they add.

When it comes to Jolla’s clientele, they say that it covers all categories and ages, as well as anyone who loves art and supports Tunisian-made products.

“Usually, we operate from our concept store at “Le Kram” but we don’t miss any opportunity to exhibit our products in other places such as fairs, exhibitions, and events with other concept Stores,” they say.

Being a startup, Jolla depends mainly on self-funding rather than grants. They also largely participate in workshops and events that encourage promoters to invest in projects that protect the environment and support Tunisian artisans.

Maali, has curated a special collection of decorative pieces, natural cosmetics, natural fiber clothing and a few rather unusual accessories to serve as sustainable gifts. She aso invites people to her store, where they can “discover, touch and feel.”

Her smaller pieces can cost as little as 10 DT, while her more expensive coats retail at 1,500 DT.


Learn more about the store through their Facebook page.

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