23 Dec 2018
Cairo, Egypt
Sustainable Tourism

Though Yousra Mounir’s main intention was never environment-minded, she still managed to pull off an initiative touring the entirety of Egypt while aiming for sustainability. “In 2008, an Australian friend of mine came to Egypt and asked to visit Siwa which I didn’t know much about. Having seen such beautiful nature, I wanted to spread the knowledge around it in the form of organized trips,” Mounir says of the inception of her initiative, Amaken Trips.

She adds that what contributed to her success was the wide use of social media. She then wanted to link development to these trips and by 2013, a concept formed revolving around the desire to sustainably help develop her destinations.

Mounir grew to implement her passion about nature into her initiative taking on a bigger responsibility than she initially intended. “We catered to people’s needs while maintaining environmental sustainability through recycling, upcycling and similar practices,” she notes.

Not only that but Mounir also taps in different areas to increase their visibility while diversifying the activities advertised by Amaken Trips. “We do beach cleanups, hold workshops for the children and more, as long as it puts the environment at its core,” she remarks.

Mounir shares that she’s increasingly reading on how to be extra eco-friendly. But she’s also focused on reaching a set of targets. “We often aim for youth between 25-35 years old since they’re more likely to be interested in our trips and activities, but we hold a few events for kids, too,” she says.

Starting 2019, Mounir is planning on taking Amaken Trips abroad through partnerships and alone. But for now she is hard at work trying to reach as much people as she can through social media channels and offline events she regularly runs.


Photos: Courtesy of Amaken Trips.

Amaken Trips Sustainable Tourism
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