23 Jan 2019
Istanbul, Turkey
Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Waste Management

When Isinsu Kaya saw a video on a brand making wraps out of reusable beeswax in the Spring of 2017, she got enthusiastic about the idea and started working on it with her co-founder of – what they later called – Mumo, Erdem Kumkale.

Soon after, the pair started working on creating fun and easy ways to use their products to spread awareness on sustainable living. “Our main product is reusable beeswax wrap and we have reusable cloth bags to use in shopping and storage of grains and cereals,” Kaya says.

Mumo’s main target audience is everyone who uses freezer bags or cling film. “We see in Turkey that almost all of them are women who try to eat and live healthily and sustainably,” Kaya adds.

Currently, Mumo is a self-sustaining business however they are actively looking for funding to further grow their operations internationally.

“Mumo is a great introductory product to zero-waste and sustainable living as it helps people to question the amount of single-use items present in our day-to-day lives in big cities,” Kaya notes. “We are using mainly instagram posts for people to understand what Mumo is about, what our vision is and how Mumo can help people create less waste and store food in a more healthy way in our kitchens.”

Kaya emphasized on how super passionate they are on spreading awareness on a more sustainable way of living through Mumo. “We care for our planet since there is no planet B. We want to reach as many people as we can by growing our business,” Kaya says.

“Apart from being an all-natural product, our vision is to supply and produce locally. Currently we have GOTS or certified cotton cloth (Turkey), beeswax (Turkey), tree resin (import) and coconut oil (cold-pressed in Turkey). We aim to start international sales and we have a strategy to produce locally after the initial launch phase is completed for every new geography,” she shares.


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Mumo Resource efficiency & sustainable waste management