01 Oct 2018
Beirut, Lebanon
Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Waste Management

Ghana Bteich wants to build a new generation of environmentally responsible citizens in Lebanon. As an entry point, she has identified providing educational programs for students to increase eco-awareness. Her solution: establishing Chabrouh Eco Farm, where children can get fun, hands-on experience of producing organic, sustainable food.

Bteich, a 34-year old entrepreneur who chairs the Digital Mindset and Behaviour Committee in Smart Cities Association, believes that education is crucial to changing social behaviors. As a country, Lebanon could use some radical transformation in terms of thinking about environmentalism.

“Unfortunately, many people still have very bad habits like throwing waste from car windows and, of course, there is a lack of ecological consciousness or recycling culture,” Bteich said.

For Bteich, Chabrouh Eco Farm offers a way to embed new attitudes in Lebanon’s next generation. “Our fun and interactive activities allow the children to grow up with habits that have a positive environmental impact,” explained Bteich. The students can learn about organic food production, and then put those ideas into practice on the farm’s crops via workshops, activities and games. Some farm products will be available for public sale, creating new job opportunities in the process.

“An important contribution of our business is to achieve more sustainable food consumption patterns in Lebanon,” Bteich said.

Bteich has participated in the SwitchMed incubation program. She said that the training has helped her to develop a comprehensive business plan, and much more.

“Even more [important] is the technical assistance that I will receive, because it will increase the uniqueness of my business idea and improve my marketing opportunities,” she adds. Bteich also plans to develop bio-architecture, nature-based tracks learning and pedagogical approaches that promote circular economy and sustainable consumption. 


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Photos: Kassem Mahfouz and Shep McAllister on Unsplash.

Chabrouh Eco Farm Resource Efficiency & Sustainable Waste Management