28 Nov 2018
Chekka, Lebanon
Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Waste Management

TIREVOLUTION is a long-standing Lebanese manufacturer with a firm focus on the future — specifically, on reducing the nation’s rubber waste. The US Environmental Protection Agency revealed that Americans generated around 290 million scrap rubber tires by the end of 2003, of which more than 80 percent were recycled.

Now support is growing for Lebanese businesses and car owners to follow suit. Local recycling company OLA 3R estimated that Lebanon must deal with an average of 2 million scrap tires per year. These past-their-prime wheels can pile up around the nation’s streets, often going to waste or — as pointed out by Lebanese media — even burned as an act of public protest. George Kassab, the managing director of TIREVOLUTION, explains his company’s commitment to the struggle against single-use rubber.

TIREVOLUTION can trace its corporate ancestry back to 1938, when the late George Kassab founded the rubber production factory. Since then, the business has provided raw materials and industrial equipment to the geotechnical, structural and infrastructure, and heavy duty sectors of Lebanese industry.

In 2017, TIREVOLUTION resolved to turn its business green. “[We had] the vision to start having a positive social and environmental impact, and become one of the few green rubber production facilities in Lebanon and the Middle East,” said Kassab.

Kassab re-organized the business so that it could recycle both from within and beyond. He says that TIREVOLUTION now re-uses all of its own waste, while optimizing its production line to reduce the business’ overall carbon footprint. Kassab’s team can also process tires or other forms of scrap rubber dumped by others, producing valuable raw materials for industrial purposes.

According to Kassab, the SwitchMed Incubation Program supported TIREVOLUTION in its drive to become a pioneer in green Lebanese manufacturing. He received an extensive “green education,” which helped the company shape its new environmental policies. Kassab also developed useful contacts with other eco-friendly entrepreneurs.

“For us, [SwitchMed] is a great initiative that many can benefit from because [the training] is presented in a very straightforward, easy-to-implement way,” said Kassab. “With the help of bright coaches, [you can] turn your idea into a social business that has a great social and environmental impact.”

You can watch the interview below to find out more.

Learn more about TIREVOLUTION through its website.

Photos courtesy of Imthaz Ahamed (Unsplash) and SwitchMed (SCPRAC) & Bernat Mestres (White Horse).

TIREVOLUTION Resource efficiency and sustainable waste management