22 Jun 2019
Ghardaïa, Algeria
Sustainable Tourism

Many travellers in Algeria make their way to Ghardaïa, the best-resourced launching point for exploring the ancient cities and calming oases of the M’Zab Valley. Les Bâtisseurs des Oasis, a sustainable housing company and one of our Switchers, recommends staying at Ghardaïa’s leading eco-friendly hotel: Maison Traditionnelle Akham.

Visitors enjoy sweeping views over the city’s palm groves from the traditional guesthouse, which has comfortable rooms and delicious meals prepared by the in-house kitchen. Staff can arrange cultural evenings, tours of the local attractions, and more. Through the hotel, you can ensure that your money supports local communities and the sustainability of local culture, which UNESCO credits as persisting since the M’Zab townships’ origins in the 11th century.

Learn more about Maison Traditionnelle Akham through the website and Facebook.

Maison Traditionnelle Akham Sustainable Tourism
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