30 Mar 2016
Aley, Lebanon
Organic Food and Agriculture

Engaged in the protection of biodiversity, the Lebanese Green Hand NGO has created a line of gourmet products made from plants and sold under the name of Casa Verde. An initiative to encourage the cultivation of organic plants and promote the economic development of the rural areas of Lebanon.

Created in 2001, Green Hand is an NGO dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity in Lebanon. This environmental organization works hand in hand with small farmers and local institutions to preserve the country’s huge variety of medicinal, aromatic and edible plants. Among many projects, Green Hand has created a line of natural products marketed under the name of Casa Verde.

Casa Verde’s gourmet products are made from plants produced from organic farming, grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Plant flavoured sea salt, jams and sauces are manufactured using traditional methods in the “ecological workshop” of Green Hand, a space used for the preparation and packaging of products. They are then sold at food markets.

The Casa Verde brand is the result of an important collective from growing the plants to the final sale of gourmet products. Green Hand supports the various stakeholders throughout this process to create a sustainable value chain. Thanks to an extensive network of cooperation, Green Hand ensures that the biodiversity conservation activities go hand in hand with the economic development of rural Lebanon.

The Casa Verde lines reflect the creativity of building up a value chain of beekeepers, farmers, producers, craftsmen, underprivileged families, food & beverage specialists, consultants and designers and produce high end natural ecological products, while taking into consideration all social aspects and respecting fair trade concepts.Zaher Redwan, president of Green Hand.
Une ONG dédiée à la protection de la biodiversité au Liban | The Switchers

The involvement of the community is at the heart of the project. Helping farmers, beekeepers and families in rural communities to grow plants, Green Hand wants to help them generate new revenue but also adopt more environmentally friendly practices. Thus, training programmes for ecological practices ensure the transition to sustainable agriculture.

To stimulate eco-development of rural areas, Green Hand also organizes activities around responsible tourism. A local guide takes participants along paths which are abundant with wild plants and discovers local hand crafts and regional cuisine. This initiative also helps preserve the traditions and expertise that are at the heart of the Lebanese regions.

Green Hand Gourmet products
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