11 Mar 2016
Ankara, Turkey
Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Waste Management

The search for sustainable solutions to fight toxic air emissions has become a major challenge for our societies. In Turkey, HAK2 has developed an innovative system that can treat polluting gases while creating fertilizer for agriculture. A green technology for the fight against air pollution and global warming.

HAK2 is an industrial flue gas treatment system developed with the support of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK). With the development of clean technology, this technique allows the treatment of air pollutants and greenhouse gases and transforms them into mineral fertilizers.

The HAK2 technology treats primarily sulphur and nitrogen oxides, the main cause of acid rain, as well as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, the main gases responsible for the greenhouse effect. The treatment system is implanted directly into the combustion units and provides effective resource utilization, saving up to 80% of water and 20 % of energy.

HAK2 philosophy is based on a circular model of production and consumption. Its processing system helps in the removal of flue gas pollutants from power plants and industrial facilities, while creating fertilizer for agriculture.

HAK2 objective is to provide sustainable solution to air pollution and climate change, while creating added value for the economy.Halil Kazaz, General Manager of HAK2
A green technology that transforms gaseous pollutants into fertilizer | The Switchers

Unlike conventional desulphurisation processes, HAK2 technology does not produce any waste and converts residual into fertilizer. The quality of this fertilizer has been tested and approved by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkey.

The other benefit of this technology compared to conventional desulphurisation methods is that it can handle CO2 emissions. In November 2015, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) published an alarming report on the level of greenhouse gas emissions. The HAK2 technology opens new horizons with the fight against climate change and global warming.

HAK2 Flue gas treatment system