15 Jan 2019
Beirut, Lebanon
Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Waste Management

The vitality of environmental water resources are prime indicators of a civilization’s progress,” said Hussam Hawwa, Founder of Difaf SAL, a business enterprise concerned with water sustainability and environmental solutions. Overall it is an environmental consultancy and a technical design bureau born in 2014 in Lebanon and formed by a team of engineers, scientists, and policy experts. “Our guiding objective is to produce and sustain measurable improvements in status of water and environmental resources,” Hawwa said.

“With focus on nature-based systems, we are eager to deliver scalable environmental solutions that can help you improve freshwater resource conservation (rivers, lakes, groundwater) and management (rainwater harvesting, water-retention landscaping), treat, monitor and re-use your wastewater, minimize your water footprint (water-wise irrigation, household water-use), and decrease your environmental impact through waste-to-energy projects.”

Difaf’s services range from field assessments and feasibility studies, to procuring complete turnkey solutions targeting sectors where the largest impacts on the environment are found. This covers freshwater resources, wastewater, agriculture, energy and natural resources management.

“Whether as a partner or service provider, Difaf is experienced in collaborating with municipalities and local authorities, central government, international NGOs, as well as the private sector,” Hawwa added.

Difaf mainly focuses on solutions that are economically, socially, and technically feasible by providing tailored designs and appropriate selection of solutions, flawless project implementation with adequate supervision, and transparent monitoring and evaluation of key performance indicators.

“We believe that human and natural systems are fundamentally interlinked. Therefore, complementary with its technical edge. Difaf also has a discerning eye on policy, and is ready to employ participatory methods for engaging various actors to reach a balance between bottom-up and top-down developmental goals,” Hawwa noted

Solutions can also vary from water resources management and wastewater treatment and reuse to conservation agriculture and environmental resources management including composting, nature conservation, and hazardous waste management.

Difaf offers a wide range of technical and qualitative services which relate to: environmental mapping, sampling, analysis, modeling, and monitoring, as well as wastewater characterization and treatment solution development, and more.

“In 2018, Difaf worked with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Zahleh where it commissioned to assess, sample, and analyze wastewater from small-scale dairy industries, and recommend appropriate treatment technologies tailored to the various contexts of the industries in [Bekaa],” Hawwa said.



Difaf SAL Resource efficiency & sustainable waste management