08 Feb 2019
Casablanca, Morocco
Sustainable Food and Agriculture

Moroccans have a lot to offer and ingenuity is part of the deal. Youssef Guennouni traveled the world and with his family he was inspired to bring international cuisine to Morocco. “I’ve been to Bali, Denmark, Sweden, France and more,” he says.

Guennouni and his family, namely his aunt thought of bringing a little bit of cuisine from everywhere they visited to Morocco’s biggest city, Casablanca. “We thought we can provide that while adding that special Moroccan touch,” Guennouni adds.

What was named Organic Kitchen had its opening end of April 2017. “It’s more of a seasonal project — we have a new menu every season. For example, we now have cuisine from Vietnam, Hawai, Lebanon, Japan, Thailand, and of course, here in Morocco where we cook remarkable tagines,” Guennouni notes.

He also highlighted that Organic Kitchen has every bit of a Moroccan touch as seen in Morocco’s beautiful alleyways.

“Before our first opening, we worked on Organic Kitchen for a year, collating data and finding organic products which was a hard task to find those little organic farms,” Guennouni remarks.

He admits that not everything is acquired locally. “We have to import some items such as coconut oil for vegan recipes and organic salmon,” Guennouni explains.

Organic Kitchen does not particularly struggle for customers. The restaurant is well-located in a business district so customers go in around lunchtime. “It gets really busy around that time,” Guennouni says adding that 80% of the customers are women while the rest are men.

Social media as well as magazines are medium Guennouni focuses on to reach out to a bigger base. As for spreading awareness around sustainability and the need for consuming mostly organic food. “We don’t use plastic straws and minimize trash while spreading the practice to other businesses nearby.

Organic Kitchen is not only a restaurant but a small makeshift market helping small organic farms and cooperatives reach a new clientele.

“Our future plans include developing our brand as well as opening a 2nd restaurant in Casablanca in 2020,” Guennouni adds.


Learn more about Organic Kitchen through Facebook or their website.

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