06 Feb 2019
Bizerte, Tunisia
Sustainable Tourism

With a qualification in ecotourism since 2005 and an experience in eco-tours, Aymen Louhichi launched his first company specialized in responsible tourism. “After the revolution, we had the idea of developing a company specialized in nature travel,” Louhichi says.

He adds that the main goal of his initiative, which he named Tunisia Ecotourism is to develop responsible tourism while conserving nature and involving the local population.

Founder and manager of Tunisia Ecotourism says that customers are usually those passionate about nature, most of whom are foreigners. “Lately, we have also signed agreements with French tour operators,” he declares.

Louhichi and his initiative work mainly in the north of Tunisia, as well in the natural and  cultural spaces from north to south. Also, in all their activities, they try to reach as many individuals as possible to spread their idea and vision.

Tunisia Ecotourism has recently conducted a pilot project where the core is about the consolidation of the commercial model and development of the capacities of an ecotourism operator in Tunisia.

The project which fits in one of the two axes (tourism and agri-food industry) of the newly developed Tunisian SCP National Action Plan operated under the SwitchMed framework.

Under SwitchMed, the pilot project worked on accommodating Tunisia Ecotourism so it fits the European market.

The initiative also came up with five new eco-tours. The process included coming up with themes for each tour to target a certain persona. “We have a culture tour and a bird-watching one, amongst others. These would ideally fit the French market,” Louhichi says.

When it comes to the recommendations SwitchMed experts gave Louhichi, they were mainly about being specific and narrowing down their targets tours-wise.

Following the pilot project, Tunisia Ecotourism proved impactful socially. “Every tour has provided 24 direct jobs in the market,” Louhichi says.

As for future plans, Tunisia Ecotourism has a new partner that they’re working with to open in markets in Germany.


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