18 Feb 2019
Tunis, Tunisia
Sustainable Tourism

Amongst the world’s Medinas, Tunis’ old Medina is one of the most enticing and busy ones. Tourists and Tunisians alike marvel at its beauty making Leila Ben-Gacem start her own experience and lodging.

“We felt that there was a need for an authentic touristic experience in Tunisia, and this is why we invested in a 17th century home in the heart of the historical urban quarter of Tunis, to ensure our guests enjoy a true cultural experience,” Ben-Gacem says.

She also believes that Tunisia’s heritage and culture are underestimated in their potential to create socio-economic opportunities. “We try through our business to invest in a way that creates jobs from our own heritage,” Ben-Gacem declares.

Dar Ben Gacem is the name of the business. It is a boutique hotel in the Medina of Tunis.

The founder and general manager of Dar Ben Gacem says that since starting their business in September, 2013 and thanks to their good rating, they have received a total of 58 nationalities.

“Our guests are often curious travellers and conscious consumers who are passionate about cultural exchange, open to live an authentic experience, and also like to make friends with our community,” Ben-Gacem adds.

Like most starting enterprises and small businesses, Dar Ben Gacem initially received funds from Ben-Gacem’s family. But now the business is self-sustained and all generated profits are reinvested in the community.

“We currently invest all business savings in restoring another 17th century home in the medina, and if business goes well, we will inaugurate the second boutique hotel in April 2019,” Ben-Gacem says.

Not only is she actively building a second site to display Tunisia’s authenticity, Ben-Gacem has also contributed and supported several youth cultural initiatives in the medina. “We benefit from publicity and visibility which is extremely important for our small business,” she remarks.


Learn more about Dar Ben Gacem through their website or Facebook page.

Dar Ben Gacem Sustainable tourism
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