10 Nov 2021

by The Switchers

And the international winner of the 2021 Energy Globe World Award is…yes, a Switcher

On November 8th, during the 22nd Energy Globe World Award ceremony, held in Glasgow, our Egyptian Switcher Ahmed Ismail Megahed founder of ECO Food Dehydrator has been selected as “The world’s best environmental project” in category earth.

The Energy Globe Award is currently the world’s leading environmental prize, with more than 180 participant countries and between 2,000 and 3,000 projects submitted every year. The Energy Globe Award recognizes outstanding projects worldwide that conserve and protect natural resources, and that employ renewable energy. Energy Globe seeks innovative projects and smart technologies in five categories: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Youth. The international winners in each of five categories receive €2000 in prize money.

The innovation of ECO Food Dehydrator was showcased during the Award ceremony in the presence of more than 800 media channels and representatives from 186 countries.

Moreover, this recognition for the green entrepreneur comes with another one. In fact, ECO Food Dehydrator has won this year both the international Award [category Earth] as well as the [Egypt national winner] . Earlier this month, Ahmed Megahed has been invited to receive ENERGY GLOBE award from the Austrian ambassador as national winner in a ceremony in the Austrian Embassy in Cairo.

” We are proud that we are the first Egyptian company to win this award since its establishment 20 years ago”.Ahmed Ismail Megahed, manager of ECO Food Dehydrator

With his invention based on a revised ancient food preservation technique, Ahmad helps eradicate poverty and hunger by cutting down on food loss starting from Qena governorate in Egypt then expanding all over the world. How? More info here or watch his video below.

Congratulations Ahmed, here is for many more successes.


Annually the Energy globe competition is awarding national winners in every country, and without any surprise Switchers have been always part ofthe winners.

In 2017, Tunisia national winner’s SICAP with his vertical garden project that brings nature into urban environments, absorbs pollutants, improves air quality and enhances thermal insulation.

In 2018, RadhouanAyadi from Biofire in Tunisia and Basel Amarneh from H2OFarm in Palestine were the winners in their country – congratulations to these two inspiring green enterprises!

In 2019, Dar Si Hmad from was the national winner of Morocco, a fog collecting initiative to produce water.

Get inspired by national winners 2021 and have a look here at exciting and unique environmental solutions from all around the world!